A bit about the fairies...


Fairies are beings of light from the Elemental Realm. They are Nature's angels with the divine mission of protecting and healing the environment, animals and humans. They care for all growing plants, flowers, trees, animals and pets.

Fairies favour those who live responsibly with regard to all life on the planet; those who treat nature and animals with respect by recycling, picking up litter, using Earth friendly cleaners and organic lawn care alternatives. Along with feeding the birds and taking loving care of pets.

Fairies also can assist us in creating a life filled with joy and abundance. If invited, they make available the gifts of love, guidance, wisdom, energy and assistance. Their healing abilities are responsible for the feelings of rejuvenation and invigoration we experience while spending time in nature. They can help increase our intuition, imagination, communication and inspiration. They can also assist in releasing negative emotions, energies, thoughts, stress and worry. They carry our prayers and affirmations to the higher realms. Fairies enable us to express our true potential as happy, healthy, balanced and empowered individuals… but only if we are willing to ask, receive and take action when inspired.

Fairies are playful beings who love to have fun. They enjoy dancing, music, laughter and parties. They can be mischievous at times, playing pranks and reflecting the childlike qualities in us all. Those who believe, are open minded and have a pure heart can sense or see them. This is especially true of children. They may appear as tiny coloured or white lights or swirling mists. They are most often seen at dusk or dawn on the edges of forests and meadows.

When creating a fairy garden you may wish to know they appreciate feathers, the music of wind-chimes and splashing about in water fountains. They also enjoy riding about on the backs of hummingbirds and dragonflies. Gemstones such as quartz crystals and amethyst provide fairy lights for them. Last but not least, they love chocolate!

Fairies teach us to nourish ourselves and live in abundance as co-creators in total balance and harmony, instilling in us a sense of lightheartedness and joy!